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Apilus Electrolysis is proven to be one of the most effective and comfortable permanent hair removal methods available on the global market today.

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Say "no" to unwanted hair using our electrolysis treatment. It will help you gain confidence in your own irresistibility. 

Even if no one sees it, you’ll feel it. 

Are you tired of constantly shaving or waxing unwanted hair? Say goodbye to the hassle and try electrolysis! It is a safe and effective process that uses electricity to permanently remove hair, leaving you with smooth, hair-free skin.

Our trained professionals use a tiny needle to target each hair follicle, sending a small electrical current through it to destroy it. This prevents future hair growth, giving you long-lasting results.

Electrolysis is safe for all skin types and hair colors, making it a great option for anyone looking for a more permanent hair removal solution. Plus, with our experienced technicians, you can trust that you're in good hands.

Don't waste any more time or money on temporary hair removal methods. Try electrolysis today and enjoy the benefits of smooth, hair-free skin! Contact us to schedule your appointment.

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Apilus Xcell Pro machine being used

We use Apilus Xcell Pro

Xcell ProApilus Xcell Pro is a popular and effective method of permanent hair removal. It has a unique ultra-rapid radio frequency of 27.12 MHz which provides a quick but high quality experience leaving your skin feeling silky smooth.

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Quick and effective

Compared to other hair removal methods, Apilus Xcell Pro is around 6 times faster at removing unwanted hair. As the energy is so concentrated in the hair follicle, it works super quickly, minimising the effect on your busy day. The beauty is that it works on all hair types, so you don’t need to worry about it not working for you.


Not only is it a highly effective method of hair removal, it’s also known to be the most comfortable method as well. As it performs so quickly it means that the sensation of the treatment is barely noticeable.

Permanent Hair Removal

We know how much unwanted body hair can affect your self esteem, but you don’t need to let it anymore. Our skilled therapists are there to make sure you walk away with the best results and a smile on your face.

Apilus Prepaid Card

Introducing our Prepaid Card for Electrolysis Services: Simplify Your Hair Removal Journey!

At Beautiology, we understand the importance of smooth, hair-free skin and the confidence it brings. That's why we're delighted to introduce our exclusive Prepaid Card for Electrolysis Services, designed to revolutionize your hair removal experience.

With our Prepaid Card, you can now enjoy the convenience, flexibility, and savings you deserve.

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  Most Popular FAQ's  

Who is electrolysis for?

It can be used on most people including men and women who want body hair removed for cosmetic reasons, women who are suffering from hirsuitism (excess hair in a male pattern), which can be caused by the menopause, conditions such as polycystic ovary syndrome or steroid use, and clients who are undergoing gender reassignment from male to female.

Who can't have electrolysis?

Conditions that may prevent treatment include: haemophilia, heart disorders, pacemakers, cochlear implant, contagious diseases and disorders, Hepatitis B, HIV, cancer or epilepsy.
Conditions that may restrict treatment: steroid drugs, endocrine disorders, metal plates and pins, cardiovascular disorders, loss of tactile sensation in localised areas, skin disorders and diseases, nickel allergy, hairy moles, pregnancy, drugs/alcohol, cuts/abrasions/bruising, emotional problems, dermagraphic skin condition, microdermabrasion or dermabrasion, chemical peels, latex allergy (wear vinyl gloves), certain medications or creams, breast implants (contra-indication to underarm treatment), epilepsy, diabetes, psoriasis, eczema, acne, dermabrasion on the areas to be treated.

How many treatments are needed?

For optimal results, several treatments and after-care advice are usually offered over a period of weeks to several months or longer.

Introducing Anna

Anna -Beautiology CEO
Welcome to Beautiology! 

Beautiology specialises in offering Electrolysis, Thermocoagulation and Aesthetic treatments. We guarantee exceptional service and focus on continuous professional development through career to bring the latest innovations and technologies for our clients.

As a founder of Beautiology I am very passionate about providing high standard services to our clients. To meet your expectations I am bringing years of medical experience (qualified in UK) into my services. 

My training as an Electrologist has been completed with one of the world’s best education providers At Académie Dectro.
Dectro has expertise appreciated within the industry for almost 30 years. My qualifications are recognised by the Association of Professionals in Electrology and Aesthetic care of Quebec (APESEQ) and American Electrology Association (AEA).

At Beautiology we do everything to make electrolysis as comfortable and effective as possible. Therefore, we are always happy to invest in equipment that is completely state-of-the-art. We are working on the the Apilus xCell Pro which is number one machine currently on the market.  With sophisticated and modern design, it features personalised treatment programs for each client, providing you with the best possible expertise. 

We are looking forward to meeting you!

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Introducing Anna

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Unwanted hair, wherever it may be on the body, has been a perennial problem encountered by both men and women and in today’s society where there is an ever-increasing demand for individuals to look their very best, hair removal is big business.

For women, the causes of extra hair growth may often be down to an imbalance of hormones, other medical conditions or simply just down to genetics – some people are hairier than others! But whatever the cause, there is little doubt that excess hair can have a debilitating effect on the wellbeing, lowering self-confidence and eroding feelings of worth and esteem, and in some instances can negatively impact hygiene. In the not-too-distant past, hair removal techniques were temporary measures that often-encouraged heavy regrowth, repeated procedures becoming time consuming and costly – whilst some, such as waxing, could be an unpleasant and painful experience, leaving the skin traumatised and sore.

At Beautiology, considered one of the best electrolysis clinics in Auckland, we specialise in the removal of unwanted hair for men and women, of all skin and hair types helping our clients towards their goal of smooth and unblemished skin. At our Auckland electrolysis clinic, we utilise one of the most powerful and effective electrolysis machines available worldwide - Apilus Xcell Pro, which due to its state-of-the-art technology removes hair at 6 times the speed of alternative electrolysis machines.

As well as being incredibly fast, with individual hair follicles being destroyed in literally thousandths of a second, this process guarantees that the hair will not return, as long as treatment conditions are met, and importantly for you is one of the most comfortable procedures with barely any perceptible sensations as you relax in the hands of one of our expert technicians.

Our electrolysis hair removal in Auckland is available to all, from baby blond hairs to thick dark hairs, the process is equally effective and efficient and is suitable for all areas of the body. As the process only affects the surface layers of the skin it is incredibly safe to use, even on especially sensitive areas such as the nipple, upper lip, deep bikini or in close proximity to lymph glands. Our range of services is extensive and includes transgender facial removal, male and Brazilian hair removal at our Auckland clinic, also extending to Cathaphoresis treatments that are also used as after care, once you have undergone electrolysis.

Regardless of whether you are female or male, have unwanted hair on your face, back, arms, bikini area, or else where on your body and you are looking for a professional hair removal clinic in Auckland, here at Beautiology we can offer you an exceptional service at affordable prices. For your convenience we operate pre-paid card options, which also bring extra value to what is already a truly outstanding service.

If you are tired of laborious and painful hair removal techniques that have to repeated incessantly then professional hair removal at our Auckland clinic is going to right for you.

Contact us today to make an enquiry or to book an appointment.

For both women and men, the problem of unwanted body and facial hair has been around for centuries, but up until recent times there has never been a solution that removes hair permanently; treatments such as plucking, shaving and hair removal creams have only ever been temporary fixes and as such need repeated treatments.

Now, however, treatment with electrolysis offers a permanent answer – for all skin types and all types of hair, and at Beautiology, an Auckland electrolysis clinic – and probably the best hair removal clinic in Auckland, we provide a range of services that can remove unwanted hair from all areas of your body. Utilising the most effective and fastest technology in the form of Apilus Xcell Pro electrolysis - a virtually painless and highly efficient process, you will see improvements, although depending on your personal needs a number of treatments may be required for a full effect.

Reasons for desiring electrolysis hair removal in Auckland can be aesthetic or hygienic, but in all cases, will undoubtedly produce the required effect – smooth, permanently hair free skin and enhanced self-esteem. Our professional hair removal technicians in our Auckland clinic have great expertise in facial hair removal in Auckland, but should you be looking for transgender hair removal in Auckland or Brazilian hair removal in Auckland, you will find that our levels of service, guaranteed results and affordable prices make us the best electrolysis clinic in Auckland.

No longer do you have to face the never-ending cycle of temporary hair removal procedures, simply visit Beautiology for hair removal electrolysis in Auckland.


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